We love Independent Jewellery Designers

There is never a better treat for yourself (or someone else!) like a piece of jewellery and when this jewellery has been hand crafted and customed deisgned well…that’s even better! That’s why before raiding your local H.S Samuels or Accessorize for your newest piece of arm, neck or ear candy, check out some of these independnet jewellery designers first, for something really unique.

Bea Jareno creates striking jewellery inspired by African culture and the natural fluidy of the golds, silvers and semi precious stones she works with.

You can browse her gorgreous collections and visit her online shop here.

Enelle London is the creative child of Nina Lamb, who inspired  by travel across India and Indonesia began crating how collection of delciate, contemporary jewellery, saying, “I’ve selfishly created jewellery that I love and want to wear everyday. I like to keep things simple therefore my designs are delicate and pared down but that’s not to say they will go unnoticed.”

Ros Millar is a young, award-winning designer, offering beautiful and innovative high quality, organically inspired gold and silver jewellery. Using traditional and old techniques Ros achieves an exciting and contemporary style which has been described as having a ‘Gothic Luxe Edge’.

The work of Sonal Bhaskaran for Eastern Mystic is just perfect; wearable yet headturning statement jewellery.

I could go on for days showcasing beautiful jewelley handcrafted by some enviously talented individuals, who is your favourite jewellery designer?

Featured Image Source: http://www.myflashtrash.com/scarabesque-silver-necklace-2.html



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  1. karen says:

    Nice article and good to see promotion of independents. I’m always looking for new designers so will be book marking this article. Great images.

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