Restaurant Review: Maison Tourag Soho

With the delightful weather we have been having this week some friends and I decided to embark upon the near impossible task of alfresco dining, in a very busy West End, at peak dining times.

After much disappointed “Ooh this looks nice! Oh no there’s no seats…” we wandered onto Greek Steet and saw Maison Tourag on the corner, exactly the kind of food we were looking for and with outdoor seating. So without hesitation or discussion, we sat down and ordered what is no exaggeration to say, the majority of the tapas  menu.

Mason Tourag Soho

The food was all delicious, we ordered humous (incredible) squid, halloumi, a Lebanese salad and a Morrocan salad, prawns in a sweet pastry, a chrozio like Lebanese sausage, lamb, breads, falafal (the best I have ever had) and chicken wings. We probabaly ordered more, though it was all so delicious I have forgotten.

In terms of price it was also quite reasonable, for a West End restaurant with food this good, I was more than happy to pay around £5 per dish, with a bottle of wine coming in at around £15 for a house and well…much higher for otherwise.

The only slight negative I would point out is that the service was not that amazing, the waiting staff were all pleasant and polite though it was difficult to get their attention and ordering took us a while. Still in a busy restaurant, with such great food in an amazing location, it was absolutely worth the rate.

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