How to keep the romance alive

All couples strive for a healthy relationship but sometimes our demanding routines and life’s general ups and downs can challenge even the most romantic of us.

Although we dedicate a whole day each year to celebrate love and romance with our spouses and partners, most relationships need work and this takes more time and effort than just one day of the year. Healthy relationships are based on love, trust, communication and respect. So, once Valentine’s Day has been and gone, as it does every year, what more can you and your loved one do to inject some romance to help you build a truly healthy, happy relationship.

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Spend time together

Our busy lives often mean we get overburdened at the office or swamped with household chores, and these can often take their toll on your love life. Try to strike a balance by making time in your diary to spend quality time with each other, even if it’s just five minutes, so you can catch some much-needed down time to focus on you as a couple.

Keep physical intimacy alive

Intimacy means different things to different people but it generally describes a sense of closeness. Couples who take time to be physically affectionate with each other tend to describe their relationship as feeling stronger as a result. So, take advantage of a lingering kiss or a warm hug and you may just put a smile on your partner’s face.

Communicate with each other

Good communication is fundamental for any relationship. Nonetheless, just because you love someone, doesn’t mean your partner can read your mind, or you can read their’s. Talking honestly to each other and listening carefully to what each other is saying will allow you to share interests, aspirations and concerns.

Feel good about yourself

Working on feeling good about yourself can help the way you feel about your relationship. You might plan to set yourself goals to lose some excess weight, eat more healthily or be more aware of the health issues that are particularly important for men [c1] to help you feel good about yourself. This will also help boost your confidence with others and show that you’re calm and comfortable enough for others to express their opinions.

Enjoy yourself

Laughing, having fun and enjoying your time together are great ways of enhancing your relationship. As a couple, why not try new things together, share a hobby or rekindle some good memories

Healthy ways to be romantic

Here are just a few ideas of how you can be romantic and healthy at the same time.

  • Cook a healthy dinner together – try out some new recipes.
  • Take a romantic evening stroll – burn some calories while catching up on each other’s day.
  • Take a dance class together – tap, tango or jive your way to getting fitter.
  • Give each other a massage –relax and be close to each other.
  • Reward yourselves after a gym workout – relaxing in the steam room or sauna together.
  • Have some fun ice skating – hold hands to support each other round.
  • Cycle to a secluded spot for a romantic picnic – don’t forget to pack the strawberries and low-fat cream.
  • Do date night at your local bowling alley – whether it’s a strike or a gutter ball, you’ll have something to smile and laugh about.

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