Blogger Profiles: A Forte for Fashion

If like us, you spend most of your time scouring the internet for ideas, inspiration and infatuations then you will find that most of a bloggers creative stimulis comes from other bloggers. Which is why we are delighted to be talking to Laura, from A Forte for Fashion.

We love her grunge inspired style and are really stuggling to shake off our hair envy.

How long have you been blogging?
I started my blog in 2008 – I always curse myself for not taking it seriously from the the beginning as I think I could of made something more of my blog by now. I started my blog at University as an creative outlet, everything covered on my course was more generic and fashion wasn’t really seen as a serious subject. I am glad I did as it as opened so many doors for me – I got to go to fashion week last season which has been my dream for so long.

What’s the story behind the blogs title?
There isn’t really a story to it – I was racking my brains for a title that I wouldn’t get bored of or be embarrassed of a few years down the line. Now I’m quite pleased with the title – alliteration is fun!

What do you think differentiates your blog from other fashion blogs out there?
I suppose the fact that I actually talk about fashion in its purist form. Many blogs out there at straight up style blogs which only focus on the blogger -  this is fine but I find for myself and the blogs I like to read, variety is the key. I don’t think I’m a ‘personality’ that can just talk about themselves and hold everyones attention anyway.

Describe your style in 3 words.
Edgy. Grunge. Glamour.

What key trends are you expecting this summer?
I think neon and pastels are still going to be massive. Also the with crop tops and high waists, the trend for a sly slither of stomach won’t be going anywhere. Oh and sheer layers – lots of them.

You are trapped on a desert island and can take only 3 beauty products with you, what would they be?
I would say tinted moisturiser with SPF, black mascara and a tinted lip balm.

What are your favourite fashion blogs to read?
I absolutely love Shini’s Park & Cube blog – the design, the content and the general aesthetic is beautiful. I also love – her blog has so many different ideas and I stopped her for a picture at fashion week and she was lovely.

Who are your favourite designers?
There are so many great designers out there. My favourites have to be: Christopher Kane, Simone Rocha, Jeremy Scott and Ashish. All very different but I love aspects of all design. I have to also say my friend Mary Benson is extremely talented, look out for her in the future.

 Who is your biggest fashion inspiration?
It sounds cheesy but other bloggers and people in the fashion industry. I rarely take inspiation from celebrities – although there are a few exceptions. Street style has to be my main source of inspiration – I’ve often seen an outfit on someone and tried to re-create it.

What do you do when you’re not blogging?
Well working takes up a lot of my time. I love cinema – I could spend forever watching films. But to be honest when I’m not blogging I’m thinking of ideas for blog posts.

If you would want any trend from the past to make a comeback, what would it be!?
Haven’t they all come back already?  To be honest the grunge trend already came back which was pretty much me in a porn escorts

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