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Best of Instagram: British Weather


I thought I would dedicate a post this week to the British Weather, largely because it has been insane! More insane than usual in fact, down in London this week has been lovely, with highs yesterday of 28. Throughout the

Best of Ombre

ombre hair

Ombre hair is everywhere at the moment and if you want to pack some punch in the hair style stakes, then this the look to go for. Here are our top ten picks of dip dye divas. Drew Barrymore Drew

We love Independent Jewellery Designers


There is never a better treat for yourself (or someone else!) like a piece of jewellery and when this jewellery has been hand crafted and customed deisgned well…that’s even better! That’s why before raiding your local H.S Samuels or Accessorize

Blogger Profiles: A Forte for Fashion

laura final

If like us, you spend most of your time scouring the internet for ideas, inspiration and infatuations then you will find that most of a bloggers creative stimulis comes from other bloggers. Which is why we are delighted to be

Top June picks to brighten your home

Summer Home Ideas

Summer’s here! Provided, of course, that I ignore the chilly breeze sweeping in from my window and the sound of rain pattering on my roof. Oh well, if the lack of sunshine isn’t brightening your home, perhaps my key June